The Bristol Lockdown Economy
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Fenella Powell Life Coaching

Coaching for this time of uncertainty.

Whatever you’re dealing with right now from family issues to finances a coaching conversation can be a safe and confidential place for you to explore whatever it is you are needing right now.

Coaching follows a basic principle that: ‘The mind that holds the problem also holds the solution’ - Nancy Kline

In a coaching conversation, I bring tools and techniques to help you find what is right for you, but also give you space to return to your own inner wisdom.

Whether it’s your right next move, a boundary you need to affirm or how to take care of yourself in this hard time. Whatever personal or inter-personal my coaching is a safe landing space to explore it.

I am offering FREE 20-minute phone call to work out if this is the right step for you, no strings attached, and I have opened up some 1 off (2 hour + follow up support) coaching sessions for the period of April. There are price plans and discounts for those struggling with the uncertainty financially if you are a freelancer or just need help. I also have a few slots held for NHS and other supporting personal who are keeping everything going right now that are totally free.

Join me HERE for our phone call where we can discuss this all further, I can give you all the information you need and see if we work well together.

If you are ready to book yourself straight into one of the remaining sessions here is your LINK to do so.

You can find me on instagram @fenellapowell as my website is being rebuilt right now so not active.

Any questions or issues feel free to email me.

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