The Bristol Lockdown Economy
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Coconut Chilli

Test Address, Bristol

07815 935 745

Our gourmet curries are now available all over Bristol. You could order one of our signature dishes, lamb keema meatballs in spicy coconut gravy, or our vegan root vegetable, mooli & lentil sambhar with a hint of chilli, served on a bed of basmati. We’ve also got a few Indian snacks like our peri-peri chicken naan or the ever popular crispy vegetable samosas with homemade fresh mint raitha.

We’re having to think on our feet as things are tricky for all food businesses at the moment. But we have fabulous suppliers who provide us with fantastic ingredients… some are still operating but others have closed shop, so we’ve had to find alternatives quickly.

Also, we’re using V-Cars for delivery, mainly because cab drivers are damned good at finding places via the quickest route, and because we want to make sure they have some work as well – we don’t take any delivery fee – it all goes to your driver.

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