The Bristol Lockdown Economy
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Bobble Yoga

Hello! We are Bobble Yoga and we are based in Bristol. We are a one person tiny independent business, finding everyday people to share the joy of yoga with :) My name is Adri, and I'm the programme creator behind Bobble Yoga.

We have a few things to offer you in our Virtual Studio. The most popular so far, and one that is aimed to ease the stress & anxiety caused by the pandemic, the lockdown, or just our standard everyday life... is called:

Relax and Restore - a 90-minutes active relaxation session, every Sunday starting at 5pm. It's early enough for you to enjoy dinner afterwards, and it's perfect to relax and unwind before starting a new week ahead. You’ll notice they feel magical because we are surprised by the changes we experience, when we change the style of yoga being practiced. When practicing restorative poses, you’re literally restoring balance in your body’s architecture, organ functions and mind. The props not only release you of effort, but also position your body in such a way so as to reduce strain on joints. The goal is active and total relaxation: The state in which there is no movement, no effort, no muscles holding bones; just deep, delicious rest.

Come and join our virtual community - it's growing, and it is also staying after the lockdown is eased too; so you can always come back whenever you feel like a gentle slowing down on a Sunday evening.

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